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Fgo Np Refund CalculatorHunting Quest 10 - 5: Giant Demon Boar Hunt. Altria Pendragon (Rider Alter) Single NP1. With Castoria here, thought this spreadsheet might be useful to compare the NP damage and refund after the support buff. However, after to Noble Phantasm deal damage, depending off the …. At NP1 he's only hitting for about 29463. This calculator gives you the damage, NP Gen and star gen of a servant's attacks versus enemies of certain classes and attributes. I think the most crucial part in the formula is "x 0. Yu Mei-ren, welfare of the Summer 2022 event, is an ST Quick Lancer that acts as a certified male Servant killer. Claudius and her 5-hit Extra card allow her to use her NP slightly more often compared to other Sabers, especially once she gains acces to an NP charge post-Rank Up. Antonio Salieri np looping in current NA. Battle Start: Saber Badge: Change own class to Saber. Note that this guarantee does NOT increase your chances of getting a 5* card. I don't know the exact numbers but the lowest refunding enemies is Berserker and Caster . FGO 6th Anniversary Touring Portrait Ticket x1. Suiten Nikkou Amaterasu-no-Shizuishi. Clicking on a category will show all Craft Essences that have the effect, ranked by their effect value. Her kit is fairly straightforward, sure, but it also happens to be pretty ludicrously powerful. The NP Gauge Reduction every turn makes it particularly annoying to get Servants at NP Level 1 to get to their NP effectively without Gauge Charger effects from allies. Banner Type: Guaranteed Gacha Past Banners …. Note, however, this pity does NOT carry across. At the start of the battle of Part 3, increase Master's Dioscuri Art and Quick cards effectiveness by 50% [Permanent, Unremovable] and grant them 50% NP Gauge. Below are suggestions for some of the better farming locations and some of their pros and cons. Increase Buster Card effectiveness by 2%. Be warned that if the clear fails, command seals won't be refunded! Available Day 1 The first of 2018's Exhibitions, Masters fight against two smaller Berserker waves (26-47k HP), with the great hero Heracles (242k HP) appearing in the …. And an update for those who care: Got the $90 refunded to my card yesterday, been playing on and off all day with no issues so far. Miss Crane, who has 100% battery but requires 20 crit stars to be consumed to activate the NP. Banner Type: Guaranteed [JP] Mystic Eyes Symphony Kyokutei Bakin Pickup 2 Summon. A martyr, saint, and protector of the people, Georgios will fight alongside any honorable Master. Heroic Spirit Dream Portrait: Mysterious Ranmaru X. Classical Piano Performance, Sprite Art, and Under Night In-Birth enthusiast. Grant self invincibility pierce. With good persistent steroids, excellent NP refund, and some of the most useful utility an Arts Servant can have, Galatea cleanly asserts herself as the best ST damage-dealer in the game. I don't know the exact numbers but the lowest refunding enemies is Berserker and Caster is the highest I think. ( Absorbs party's NP gauge except self by 10% every turn. Halloween Rising 2023 - Walkthrough. Fan Translation: A general and the tactician of Zhou, and a disciple of Yuanshi Tianzun. The final Free Quest node (Smiling Hotel) has the best drop efficiency overall for all three currencies. Increase NP Gauge by an additional 20% for a [Yu Mei-ren] ally. This means Skadi is coming soon to enable Quick 3T farming. Percival is a fantastic Servant. The top servants for this as those who have strong AOE NPs that can clear these waves without problem, and those with NP charge skills are even more valuable. (its my first website and there's always bugs). npGeneration (round down to two decimal places) = round down (servantBase × [ (cardMod × cardPerfomance) + artsFirst] × npGenUp × crit × enemyNPMod) × overkill. Olympus: South Interstellar City - Lostbelt 5 Part 2: Olympus. This NP Damage calculator/comparison spreadsheet for NA lets you easily change almost anything that affects NP damage. ) Grants party Invincibility except self for 1 attack, 3 turns. Restore HP to ally with lowest HP percentage remaining. NP Refund Calculator; Strongest NP; EXP Calculator; Support Servant Skill Combo Finder FGO USA Tour; Enemies; Skills. She splits the difference between Reines and Tamamo while also emulating a lot of base Merlin’s value. She doesn’t have short cooldowns or much bulk, and she doesn’t have any notable utility to speak of either. - Atk% Up: Any atk stat upgrades applied to a servant. Do you mean white screen that appeared long? it happened if it was the first time you used the NP, if you ever used NP once (example: Excalibur), there should be no problem about the white screen if you use Excalibur again. 1% and 10 hits on his Quick NP, a fully Quick/NP Gain buffed Caesar can refund a rather large chunk of NP Gauge. On break, buffs own NP Damage and Crit Rate by 30% and debuffs the party's NP Damage by 30% and Star Drop Rate by 50%. Increase skill cooldown timer for all enemies by 2. Mandricardo has 20% Attack up and 20% Arts up for 3 turns from his skills, and he gains another 20% Arts up any time he uses his NP. 6th Anniversary Special Memorial Quest No. 22-5: Two waves: Wave 1 has two Assassins (55-56k HP) and a Berserker (74k). Rabbit's Reviews #288: Galatea (5* Berserker). JP Summon Simulator (Beta). Dioscuri's NP ignores Invincible and DEF, making it very difficult to survive (aside from stacking many NP Damage Down / ATK Down debuffs, or using Guts). UPDATE 12/7/2021 - Welcome to the new and improved Servant Planner! 1) Create an account, where your planner data can be saved to your account directly using the "Save to Account" button, and automatically loaded whenever accessing the planner page. In battle you can also go to Menu and turn on Skip Enemy Fadeout, and turn off NP speed normal. Contribute to Perham94/Android-FGO-NP-Damage-Calculator development by creating an account on GitHub. At the start of the battles of Part 1 and Part 2, increase all allied Servants Attack [Permanent, Unremovable]. He has relatively easy NP recursion, and he can crit hard in a pinch. 90,244 (+15040) Ignores Defense. As a result, she can access her NP with ease, and any Crits will only further enhance her NP refund for subsequent turns. Chaldea’s Arjuna (Alter) is a different version of his omnipotent Lostbelt version, having regained his humanity through the severance of his connection to the gods. Rabbit’s Reviews #369: Cait Cu Cerpriestess (4* Pretender) Email updates for …. Players will work together to defeat a total of 7 Demon God Pillar Raid Bosses. 8% rate for Rate-up SSR Servants and 11 pulls (1 free pull every 30 SQ or every 10 tickets). An Arts-centric Single Target Berserker, Galatea is a powerhouse in Challenge Quests or irregular farming quests thanks to her strong damage output, tenacity, and unusually great utility for a Berserker. She deals sizeable amounts of damage on burst thanks to her Manifestation of …. His own star weight is decent enough, especially with common Buster supports, that he also profits from Critical Damage Up. Dancing and shining on the surface of the water "I borrowed the pool key from the coach! Let's take a breather, Senpai!" Like a foam that melts and pops, this is a memory. gg/grandorder/np-refund-calculator-beta-jp. The most efficient quests to farm for the item. Small Sea Demon - Bronze Foreigner. Single-currency farming nodes (Bronze: Private House; Silver: Market; Gold: Western House) are only better than Smiling Hotel if a single currency bonus of +5 or higher can be achieved. Those buffs multiplicatively stack and result in Artoria's NP dealing ~3. - Upon Break, Billy the Kid gains an on-hit buff: Decrease target's ATK by 20% (3 turns) when attacking (Unremovable). Gains a skill that decreases all enemies' NP Gain by 50% (3 turns). So at 100% it will be 20% down on crit chance. Camelot; Babylonia; Begin battle with 50% NP Gauge. Mordred is one of the prime candidates for 3-turn farming via Arts NP looping. Galatea’s primary weapon is the chisel of her creator - the king Pygmalion. Use this tool to find your Servant's best Command Chain in any situation! Calculates Damage, NP Gain, Stars Generated for every command chain of any Servant in Fate/Grand Order. For instance, Cleo and Ishtar will gain buster-up, Enkidu will gain enemy defense-down, and Musashi will gain NP damage-up. NP Refund and Critical Stars generated are listed if significant (10% NP or higher and +10 Critical Stars or. Great Void Sea Battle, Imaginary Scramble. Type your Servant Name into the box next to the Servant portrait. The leader of a cult of assassins based in the Middle East. Altria Pendragon (Lily),Buster,0,6. Arts can have 100% refund with Paracelsus (2nd and 3rd skills max), Tamamo Caster (1st and 3rd skills max), if you don't have a 2nd Tamamo, then use Gil Caster, with this you can NP spam with "praticely" all AOE/ST. NP Refund Overkill Calculator and Spreadsheet [FIXED] This refund calculator has been around for a while and is the back end for the gamepress calculator. Part I Rank Up Quest: Eric Bloodaxe. So far, NP damage and refund same as the FGO Calculator spreadsheet (random check). Rabbit’s Reviews #334: Lady Avalon (5* Pretender). The overcharge will affect the the crit chance down. While Angra is one of the more rare Servant classes as an Avenger, his kit is also very gimmicky and unreliable. She shares the exact HP values at minimum with Hijikata Toshizō and Tawara Tōta. Nero Claudius (Bride) was available for summoning during the: According to Nasu's Blog, this version of Nero Claudius is from an alternate universe where she hasn't met a Master from Fate/Extra. The below walkthrough is for 100 Mission completion, which also includes obtaining all 5 copies of Katsushika Hokusai (Saber) and her ascension materials. Hitting different enemies classes affect np refund. Now fills NP Gauge to MAX at battle start. Camelot; Babylonia; Solomon; Shinjuku; Obtained during FGO Summer 2021 - Las Vegas from the Event Shop. Various Event Bonus Servants gain a Damage Boost …. The Ruler-class Qin Shi Huang is an Arts Damage Dealer who boasts immense survivability and good sustained damage, traits that cement his position as one of the game’s most powerful solo Servants. Shakespeare, and by extension most Servants with short duration but powerful buffs and/or NP Battery skills, are often best used in conjunction with the Chaldea Combat Uniform …. This Craft Essence can only be summoned during the Chaldea Boys Collection 2018. Start the battle with 50% NP Gauge. Treat me as a Friend Instead, Just For Today. Increase own Critical Star Gather Rate (1 turn). fgo fate-grand-order fgo-3t-simulator np-damage np-refund fgo-damage-calculator fgo-calculator Updated Sep 20, 2023; HTML; Improve this page Add a description, image, and links to the np-damage topic page so that developers can more easily learn about it. Chen Gong is a strategist who was most well-known for his service to the infamous Lu Bu during the Three Kingdoms era. Grand Caster, Wise King of Israel, King Solomon, King of Magic. Removes defensive buffs, which includes Evade and Invincible buffs. Increase your Mental Debuff Resist by 10%. I made a FGO 3T NP Damage/Refund Simulator thingy. 3 Fate/Grand Order 2023 - 6th Anniversary. Strongest NP Against Sabers. I mean, it's not overly surprising this is possible, you're more or less recreating what Castoria does, but in exchange having to use 3 servants instead of 2 like Castoria requires. Thanks for the info, appreciate it. With their high critical damage bonus from Sea Serpent Storm Blues’s overcharge effect, combined. Inshun’s NP Oboro Urazuki lies at the very center of his kit, turning him. Only Megalos's NP will have a higher priority. Decrease own Debuff Resist against Charm by 50% (3 turns) [Demerit]. Switch to the next enemy in order (Zeus -> Zeus Uranus -> Zeus Gaia -> Zeus). On Day 7 of each cycle past the first loop, a Publishing Quest is made available. It broke a few months ago and in the . Georgios’ kit is defined by his three-turn Taunt, which comes alongside a huge built. Your age – The calculator will calculate the number of years you will be able to contribute to the scheme after entering your age. It’s a decent amount to chunk through, but this is pretty tame overall. 2: Olympus + Previous Memorial Quest. This makes her a good choice for short AoE challenge quests, and it makes her an excellent farming Servant. Furthermore, her natural star generation is also pretty noticeable thanks to a combination of high hit count as well as the Star Drop Rate buffs from her NP and …. Decrease all parts of Zeus' NP Bar by 2. First, you will be required to enter the following details in an ordered manner: Investment Amount – Enter the amount you would like to contribute every month. 9, all Masters will be awarded with 30x free Saint …. There are spoilers regarding the identity of the boss fights in the below table! Click on the enemy's image below for its corresponding guide! Boss Guide - Ch3-3 [SPOILERS. Masters can amplify this aspect via Quick buffs, Star Generation buffs and triggering Overkill early. If the NPC Support Saber is on the field, they will gain 200% NP charge, 100% ATK, 50% DEF, 50% NP Gain, and 30 Stars. With the Rhongomyniad at her side, she qualifies for the Lancer class. Command Chain Calculator; NP Refund Calculator; Strongest NP; EXP Calculator; Support Servant Skill Combo Finder; Craft Essence Effect Combo Finder; Singularities/Main Quests. All NP Levels start out at 1, and can be increased up to 5. - At battle start, Billy the Kid gains a buff that grants 15% chance to charge his own NP Gauge by 1 when he is attacked (Unremovable). Gawain at NP1 deals 15k with his Excalibur Galatine (19k under sunlight), Saber Alter deals 29k with Excalibur Morgan (NP1). Rabbit’s Reviews #372: Wandjina (5* Foreigner). Saber Lily, the youngest fighter of the Unenhanced NP Alliance, sets out on a journey that will shape her destiny. fgo fate-grand-order fgo-3t-simulator np-damage np-refund fgo-damage-calculator fgo-calculator Updated Sep 20, 2023; HTML; ShotaroHirose59 / FGO …. Quetz have 50% crit damage boost in its kit and have other damage multiplier such as buster up and along with support with attack up have a very high damage ceiling (only one turn). Critical Stars generated and …. Strong Berserkers like Lancelot, Vlad III, Heracles, Tamamo Cat. The FGO Mega Calculator : r/grandorder. When not bellowing or madly professing his love, Phantom is a Quick-based Assassin with an AoE Arts NP who excels at facilitating debuff strategies or low-key generating critical stars. Attack calculated with +1000 Fou and maximum level without Grail Ascension. Servant Rank Up Quests Part 14. A Noble Phantasm (ノウブル・ファンタズム, Nouburu Fantazumu?) (NP for short) is a Servant's unique special attack during battle. Koyanskaya’s first skill charges a NP Gauge by 50% and decreases cooldowns by 2 turns. Rabbit’s Reviews #352: Kukulkan (5* Foreigner). Discord; Sign In NP Refund Calculator; Strongest NP; EXP Calculator; Support Servant Skill Combo Finder; FGO USA Tour; Enemies; Skills. His skills are all reasonably good, with defensive and offensive steroids to aid him. But is she strong enough to steal his throne?The short answer is. Increase NP Strength for a [Yu Mei-ren] ally (3 turns). Increase own NP Gain by 20% when [near water] (1 turn) [Activates first]. " One of the leaders of the legendary group of Nizari whose name would later become the root word for the English "assassin. Story Clear Support Campaign: Part 1 (Sept 2023) Rabbit’s Reviews #371: Cnoc na Riabh (4* Foreigner). " There are 19 Old Men of the Mountain, each with their own abilities. During this encounter, you only need to reduce Gawain’s HP to 75% of its maximum to complete the quest (279,564 HP). Secondly, Golden Rule (Body) B charges her own NP gauge by 10% per turn for 3 turns. This refund calculator has been around for a while and is the back end for the gamepress calculator. A single wave with five mixed Assassin and Saber enemies (54-88k HP). FGO 3T Simulator to test farming teams. Of course, level up your main lineup. Any damage / np refund calculations that are off (obviously this is only noticeable if you test with other calculators, but if you do happen to notice please let me know, i could've entered servant data incorrectly into my data sheet or something like that) 177 23 comments Kuina :Abigail: 4 yr. More than 100 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 330 million projects. The boss starts by draining 100% NP Gauge from the party, and gaining ATK, DEF, Crit Damage, Debuff Immune, Death Immune, and 5k HP Regen buffs for itself. NA FGO Battle in New York 2021 (Gilfest) Lottery Event 3. Rabbit’s Reviews #371: Cnoc na Riabh (4* Foreigner) Rabbit’s Reviews #370: UDK Barghest (4* Archer) FGO Summer 2023: Chaldea Summer Adventure - Walkthrough. Summer Kama vs Space Ishtar : r/grandorder. Her (current) base NP gain is lower than Space Ishtar’s, so while she will have better overall refund due to having 4 hits instead of 3 and having a 30% Arts up, it is not going to be an overwhelming difference. His kit works together nicely and he’s a powerful point Servant in both high-end and low-to-mid-range Arts teams (for different reasons). Wave 2: Last NP Refund from last wave: N/A | Min. Camelot; Babylonia; Solomon; To celebrate the FGO Chaldea Broadcasting Station US Branch Vol. She shares the exact ATK values at both minimum and maximum with Elizabeth Báthory. The boss gains a Sure Hit + Crit Damage buff when the 2nd turn starts. Command Chain Calculator: Servant Effectiveness Research. Altria Pendragon (Rider Alter). All these effects will enhance the servants' final NP damage when their overcharge reached 200-500%. NP refund will be calculated based on low-rolling NP damage, and enemies with 0 starting hp will be ignored in NP refund calculations. Chloe von Einzbern (Avenger). So I tried to make a somewhat easy NP Gain Calculator. Mysterious Heroine XX's Noble Phantasm is also known as Twin-Myniad Disaster and Double X Dynamic. Part XII Rank Up Quest: Miyamoto Musashi 1. Use this FGO Calculator to find out the amount of NP refund provided by a Servant's NP alone. FGO Summer 2023: Chaldea Summer Adventure. Class, ATK, and NP Damage Multiplier fields are required. However, for this team archetype, Vlad excels. If Billy has 12k attack he will deal about 3k damage, meaning he won't be able to one-shot the 3. Banner Type: Guaranteed Gacha [JP] FGO 8th Anniversary Pickup …. Mandatory NPC Support: Mash Kyrielight. Heiyan-kyo - Suzaku Avenue - Day - Lostbelt 5. So pretty much the NP level affects damage and the overcharge will strengthen what ever overcharge. The Berserker starts with 2-time Guts (50% HP revival), and will inflict 5 stacks of Curse every turn on the party. Increase NP Gauge each turn by 5% for yourself. After a 3 year period without an Eli for Halloween, Elizabeth Bathory (Cinderella) comes storming back in her pumpkin… erm, carriage… with a vengeance! As a Rider-Class Single Target Buster welfare Servant, she serves as a powerful unit who becomes one of the most powerful if properly supported. Farming to ascend is good and all but give priority to your main servants as they are the ones holding your team together. "Intensive Einäscherung" The flames from the defensive territory slither like a snake, and it reduces to ashes even the pity. As a Ruler, however, Astraea will only rarely have offensive class advantage, which puts her at a disadvantage as a damage-dealer relative to Knight- and Cavalry-class Servants. Damage is listed with Level 1 skills active, with additional damage in parentheses from Level 10 skills. Once you select a Class and Servant, you can choose its level. FGO 3T Damage Calculator / Simulator fgo fate-grand-order fgo-3t-simulator np-damage np-refund fgo-damage-calculator fgo-calculator Updated Sep 20, 2023. Chaldea Boys Collection 2023 Summoning Campaign 2 (US) March 9 ~ March 23. Classical Piano Performance, Sprite Dexterity, and Under Night In-Birth fanatics. She was abandoned at the waterside by an embarrassed Derketo. Reply Watching my rider mordred hit 182% NP refund, knowing if the damage is a little too low could just plugsuit swap in tomo for increased …. Release Date: 7/3/2021 18:00 - 7/9/2021 17:00 PDT. Inflict Curse (500 damage per turn) for all enemies (3 turns). Decrease DEF for all enemies by 20% (3 turns). Class Skills; Servant Skills; Append Skills; Servant Tags; About. Strongest NP Against Berserkers. All Arts and Quick servant have a certain amount of refund after using their NP. Story Clear Support Campaign: Part 1 (Sept 2023) Rabbit’s Reviews #371: Cnoc na Riabh (4* Foreigner) Rabbit’s Reviews #370: UDK Barghest (4* Archer) FGO Summer 2023: Chaldea Summer Adventure - Walkthrough. (Note: Rank Up Images will be added when the global versions are …. The mastermind behind the events of Fate/Apocrypha and the Ruler-class Servant who was never meant to be, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada joins Chaldea in pursuit of the Holy Grail. You probably accidentally pressed it so it went back to normal speed. NP Refund Calculator; Strongest NP; EXP Calculator; Support Servant Skill Combo Finder; [JP] FGO 8th Anniversary Guaranteed Lucky Bag Summon. Kinda surprised they didn't add an np refund like saber Artoria or go for one of his skills to add something like survivability. It also shows any NP gain via overcharge effect, passive and active NP regen skills. Three features of Da Vinci’s kit contribute to her NP gain. [Demerit] Skill 3: Barely Loads C: Increase own ATK (3 turns). by joefutofu 4 years 10 months ago. Medium chance to inflict Stun for all enemies (1 turn). 2x Super/Great Success for Featured Servants. War God's Roar Lv 10: Remove all buffs on all parts of Zeus. Noble Phantasms require the NP Gauge, located below the Servant's Health bar, to be at 100% or. He also provides his own NP Damage buff and a small …. fate-grand-order fgo-3t-simulator fgo-damage-calculator fgo-calculator. Zenobia is practically always used for looping, so the CEs depend on what supports a Master has. Quick, Buster and Art cards effectiveness are reduced [10%, Permanent, Unremovable] HP Recovery reduced [20%, Permanent, Unremovable] Debuff Resistance reduced [10%, Permanent, Unremovable] At the beginning of the battle, the effect [ Yuga of the End] will debuff all allies with the effect: NP Generation Decreased [10%, Permanent, Unremovable]. FGO Servant Summer Festival 2020. In most cases, you want to do your bond point farming at the same time as your ascension material farming as it maximizes the …. It's inspired by matekakunai's FGO Damage Calculator. The Demon Pillar's attacks also hits multiple times, which will help fill NP bars. An Arts Rider whose main attributes are his …. 00% NP gauge should round up to 100%; Class Advantage are include - (Neutral Damage) in bracket = 2,000 ATK, Lv20 Lv20 = 786 ATK, = 750 ATK, = 500 ATK, , = 0; numbers calculate by Overworked King (The Wizard) the results may vary 一 Attribute, ATK, CE Effect, Skill LV, Overkill, enemySeverMod, Event Bonus. \n \n \nNow I can explain some of the UI components. He offers different team support than Fionn does, on top of being better at most everything else. 1 Grail, QP and 30 Coins per 2 levels. Factors that affect refund: *class of enemy affects Np gain rate *overkill affects Np gain rate *double overkill “feature” kicks in when dealing over 50% of HP in one turn *Quick/Arts card buffs *NP gain buffs NP level and damage RNG affect overkill in particular, and all else equal are responsible for differences of refund on the same map. Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween). Fate/Grand Order: How to calculate NP gain for 3T farming. Offical FGO Summer 2020 News Announcement Here! This event is a farming event with 3 Currencies and 3 Event Point ladders. Attack Modifier % Card Buff Modifier % NP Damage Buff % Power Modifier Buff % NP Extra Damage Modifier % Flat Damage. Thanks to her seemingly impossible achievement of destroying Spain’s “Invincible Fleet”, the Woman Who Brought Down the Sun is granted …. Increase your Critical Strength by 8%. Lady Avalon is a meta Arts support. 30 9 comments Best Add a Comment TriforceofCake KUAHAHAHAHA • 3 yr. Wave 2 is a Rider break bar boss (237k, 265k HP). In addition, due to such a high NP generation per hit, starting any chain with an Arts card will improve that NP generation even more. Caster, in general, is a terrible class to have AoE NP, and Gilles is not an exception. Class Based Summoning Campaign March 2023 (US) March 12 ~ March 28. Three additional building renovation currencies also drop from Free Quests …. Increase NP Gauge by 4% every turn. September: Van Gogh (will be another pass if I can get her in her first rate-up) November: Izou, Ryoma-Oryou, Avenger Nobu, Okita. The welfare of FGO Summer 2023, Da Vinci joins as an ST Buster Ruler. Summer Kama will typically refund more NP than Space Ishtar, though there are rare scenarios in which Space Ishtar can actually refund more. Rerolling is the act of starting a new account, using up the resources that are immediately available during the tutorial, and attempting to roll for the best possible combination. When unleashing a Noble Phantasm, all NP Gauge is consumed at the beginning of the Servant’s chant. Okada Izo, an expert at acting in meting out divine punishment. NP Looping feels empowering : r/grandorder. With her comparatively high attack for a 4* Caster, 10% Territory Creation passive, post-Interlude NP Upgrade, and both her 20% Arts boost buff from Search for the Unknown as well as the 50% NP Damage Up buff from Mahatma, Helena ranks among the top AoE Noble Phantasms for her rarity. His Noble Phantasm is both easy to level up to 5 and insanely powerful to boot. Elisabeth Bathory returns for the second Halloween in a row as the event’s brave heroine! This time, she appears as a Saber class single target Buster Servant. Then, you can choose several servants, one quest, and test NP damage and NP refund. 8 Servant Rank Up Quests Part 14. He may stick around a bit longer until he can do an Extra Attack after hitting the HP benchmark. Return of Nero Fest 2018: Act II. The unfortunately low hit counts make her NP refund somewhat low, giving her some difficulty looping, although she is still capable of doing so with proper setup (such as an MLB …. Lastly, her second skill boosts her NP generation by 20 to 30%. Mana Reversal A provides major increases to Lancelot’s critical damage and NP gain for one turn. Increase all allied Servants' ATK by 50% (1 turn) and increase all allied Servants' NP Gauge by 20%. Cinder Eli’s main highlight is …. I didn’t realize how lucky I’d been previously; I hadn’t needed more than an $80 pack of quartz to get every five star I had wanted (Raikou, Ozy, Tama Lancer, Archer Artoria), so I assumed 160-ish quartz, plus the 90 I had stocked up, would be enough to get Illya. Guys guess what I just found out!! If you don’t know how many sqs u will save till the event you are waiting for then click on the link below ( this site tells you how much you will save till the event date, doing alll the calculations for you) https://shipfu. Banner Type: Single [JP] New Year's 2025 Class x NP Type Guaranteed Lucky Bag Summon. Begin battle with +20% NP Gauge. Quetzalcoatl (Samba/Santa). Paid Saint Quartz x15 must be used (NO Free Saint Quartz). As a Buster Servant, Quirinus is especially reliant on NP charge skills in order to gain access to his NP, so Divinity Transformation should be leveled first. MHXA is a non-standard Quick Berserker with an Anti-Saber Servant Quick ST NP and the ability to manipulate Critical Star distribution. Strongest NP Against Beast III/R. Critical Damage Support Van Gogh’s NP provides at base a stackable 3-turn +50% Crit Damage buff (+100% at NP5), and gives Foreigners (including herself) an additional flat +100% Crit Damage, making it up to a …. np-refund Star Here is 1 public repository matching this topic gakiloroth / gakiloroth. I'm always up for a dangerous journey!”. However this NP rarely sees much use due to Mozart’s fragility and weak sustained performance. Enhance Individual Command Cards using the new item, Beast's Footprint! The permanent Day 7 Weekly Login Bonus will now include 1x Beast's Footprint in …. This Craft Essence features Edmond Dantès, Beowulf, Li Shuwen (Lancer) and Yan Qing. Fate/Grand Order NA has released the newest Lostbelt chapter 2 Götterdämmerung. Camelot; Babylonia; Solomon; Shinjuku; Agartha; Shimousa; Salem; Lostbelt 1: Anastasia; Lostbelt 2: Götterdämmerung; Lostbelt 3: SIN; Lostbelt 4: Yuga Kurukshetra. You can only roll once with 30 paid saint quartz. She shares the exact ATK values at both minimum and maximum with Beni-Enma. A breakdown of the latest Rank Up Quest batch as a part of the FGO 5th Anniversary Campaign! Two Rank Up Quests will be released each day following the below order, with 4 Rank Up Quests released on the last day. Indeed, with the very large offensive boosts to her Quick cards provided by Summer Sweeper!, Riding B and Reloaded, Maid Alter reaches offensive NP Damage …. This massive NP Gauge boost gives her as much as 50% NP charge when maxed, and Altria (Lancer)’s NP throughput is even further improved by Rhongomyniad’s 20% NP charge refund. Drop-down lists for the selection of the servant's class damage modifier (i. Elisabeth Brave comes with a relatively well-balanced kit with Hero's Principles granting a single turn of invincibility and NP gain up, and with Mana Burst (Courage) providing a. Kaleid Sapphire has a lower Arts buff in exchange for adding some NP Damage for a more damaging single NP, but less NP gain overall. Class Skills; Servant Skills; Append Skills; Servant Tags; It’s a lot harder to bump Nemo’s NP levels to the point where he competes more effectively with the free competition than it is to do the same for Hajime or. NP5 Welfare Servants + non-Story-locked 1* / 2* / 3* Servants; NP1 for all other Servants. Camelot; Babylonia; Solomon; [JP] FGO 8th Anniversary Guaranteed Lucky Bag Summon. If not, these buffs only based on charge=100%. Servant,NP,NP Refund,Stars Gained. Each servant has 3 append skills, for a total of 360 coins. The effectiveness of each CE varies with the stage. The last Cursed-Arm Hassan will cast an instant kill. Bonus Saint Quartz acquired during purchase are treated as free. However, lackluster NP damage is not the sole reason why he ended up at the bottom of the barrel alongside his normal eyes counterpart. it depends on a lot of factors. (This NP has no effect as Hyde) Increase your Buster Card effectiveness. Camelot; Babylonia; Solomon; Revival: FGO Summer 2019: Death Jail Summer Escape! ~Medb's Prison of Sin and Despair~ (Part 2) FGO 2020 ~3rd Anniversary~. Altria Pendragon (Lancer) Fate Grand Order Wiki, Database, News, and Community for the Fate Grand Order Player!. This Event follows a 7-day cycle with "Noon" / "Night" phases. 59 You can set an enemy's health to 0 if you wish to have then ignored in NP refund calculations. Boss gains 1 extra NP charge per turn (First 10 turns). Otherwise, leave Cu for last as his 3-hit Evade can be broken with Extra chains; Cu has a shorter NP bar than normal. Caster Training Ground - Advanced. It grants up to 2k atk depending on lvl, 15% increased atk, and you start off at 50% NP--- NP Zerk: NP zerks unlike attack zerks want to use their NP asap. Story: Pre-battle ~6min read Post-battle ~3min read Bonus CEs: Primary: Secondary: 15: Free - Bantamweight (40 AP) …. The JP Sim now has a Pity system, guaranteeing the rate-up SSR Servant at 330 pulls (30x 11-pulls) starting with the New Year's 2022 (JP) banner. Indirectly, the Rank Up enables Altria’s kit more NP usage options, granting her a potent niche in using her powerful upgraded AoE NP frequently with the. A Noble Phantasm's damage increases along with its NP Level. Semiramis was born to the goddess Derketo and an unknown human. Decrease DEF for all enemies (3 turns). God help the enemies of FGO if S!Musashi ever gets an NP strengthening. Support Servant Skill Combo Finder. She shares the exact HP value at maximum with …. Each of her Star Basket skills, Star Basket (Big) and Star Basket (Small) provide rather rare effects like enemy NP seal and ally buff removal resistance. Note however that the NP is single target. 9x Assassin damage modifier plagues Nitocris alongside her unexceptional Attack stat, creating a poor offensive base. When the NP Level reaches 5, you can charge the NP Gauge up to 300%!. Being RNG-dependent is annoying, but aside from that they have nice utility and do a lot of damage. In FGO, this usually means either ember farming or ascension/skill material farming. The web app is a personal project to improve my skills on front-end development and to gain new knowledge regarding calculating damages. 9x damage modifier), he is capable of dealing consistent damage via his NP and critical hits. Both stack nicely with Mana Burst. The Holy Maiden that would save France in the Hundred Years War, the indomitable Jeanne d’Arc, carries her Holy Banner into battle as a beacon of hope. Small warning: Many of the teams or their variations presented in the document are theoretical setups I formulated and mathed out on paper (in particular, variations of refund Surfmo, DaVinciRider, JArcher, Skadi teams). Considering free NP5, and she should hit for around 54663 while gaining about 15% NP refund. Section 16: Aśvatthāman (1/2). The FGO NP Calculator is a digital tool designed to help players calculate the potential damage output of their Servant's Noble Phantasm attack in the game Fate/Grand Order. He’s the most accessible Quick Archer now, making him an option for fans of Quick setups who missed Altera, and he brings both some nice utility and surprisingly high burst damage. With a 40% NP Charge on Royal Bunny as well as 20% NP Refund on her NP itself, Altria Pendragon (Ruler) is a fairly flexible Servant where NP Charge is concerned, especially after Royal Card’s upgrade helps her form Brave chains with increased NP gain more easily. Her NP, Lumino Calibur, is a 4-hit AoE Quick NP that buffs her own Quick performance pre-damage, and deals bonus damage to Evil-aligned enemies. Summer 2023: Chaldea Summer Adventure. This can effectively be used to give any Servant with a 50% self-charge on a 7-turn or less cooldown the ability to cast 3 Noble Phantasms in 3 turns with the Atlas Academy Mystic Code and a Kaleidoscope. Thankfully, he does that rather well, with reasonably fast access to an NP interlude to augment Grendel Buster's damage output and a skill set that just plain hits hard, with his Madness …. Critical Stars generated and NP Damage are available as tooltip, or as a Chart toggle. If I’m not mistaken, NP gain buffs do affect the refund off of an NP. An Oni of Dharmapala — in other words, a protector of the oni race — is the disguise picked up by Shuten Douji, changing her Saint Graph into that of a Caster in the process. Beowulf is a Berserker with pretty much only one thing on his agenda - dealing damage. Asvatthaman also has a couple of tools in regards to utility, with his immunity against Mental Debuffs (e. then third and second slot your priority is almost always A>Q>B with the third slot always having priority. Jeanne d'Arc (Alter Santa Lily). The Queen of Dust and the Disciple of Darkness. If there are any bugs PLEASE leave an issue here and I will try to fix it when time permits. Two waves, one enemy Servant in 2nd wave. Hunting Quest 10 - 3: Giant Hunt. Is preset to NP1 value with any upgrades upon selecting a servant. Camelot; Babylonia; Solomon; FGO 8th Anniversary Guaranteed Lucky Bag Summon. The two are available to everyone, not just characters with particular . Heroic Spirit Dream Portrait: Cú Chulainn (Alter). Release Date: 7/4/2022 02:00 - 7/8/2021 17:00 PDT. The NP Charge per turn effect provided by Wardrobe Change - Swimsuit grants a certain stability to Medb’s playstyle with up to 20% NP per turn, all but guaranteeing an NP with a minimum amount of reliance on RNG. Rabbit’s Reviews #372: Wandjina (5* Foreigner) MMM - Dame from Down Under Drops Down Doing all she can Diggery-Do, Defeating Dingos Defiantly (Wandjina) The Return of Halloween Campaign. Increase NP Gain when damaged by 20%. Use the other Castoria’s buffs for the final NP fill. New player, what to use mana prisms on?. Story: Pre-battle ~3min read Post-battle ~1min read: 33: St. I just thought it’s a cool thing …. NP Damage & refund (with support buff into calculation) …. It basically means that your attack stat is divided 4 by default for every attack. At np level 2-4 you can reach a maximum overcharge level of 400%. Somehow I can't get the same result per calculation as pic below. Even now, however, his combat capability still lives up to its reputation. NPC Rama, Lakshmi Bai and Ganesha (Jinako) are Lv90 NP5 10/10/10; CE effect: 50% Starting NP Gauge, +50% NP Gain. Jeanne’s NP’s secondary effect grants her a passive amount of critical stars every turn, …. These CEs will also appear during the summoning campaign. Each event has its own shop, but once the playtime of an event …. Combined with a Stheno and a second Euryale via friend supports, the team would have access to three on-demand charms via Siren Song on a seven turn cooldown, and an extra charm any time one were …. The rerun of Nero Fest 2019 comes with an unlimited lottery, unlike usual reruns! This presents a great opportunity for Masters to farm for QP, FP, Skill Gems, EXP, Mana Prism, and a few select Ascension Materials! Free Quests during this Event come in three waves, with the last Free Quest (which is also new to the rerun) being the most. FGO Tools Use this tool to find the perfect Support Servants! Select Effect Combinations to filter Craft Essences: Reset Effects [JP] NP Refund Calculator. fgo fate-grand-order fgo-3t-simulator np-damage np-refund fgo-damage-calculator fgo-calculator Updated Sep 20, 2023; HTML; brian9206 / fgo-biligame-bot Star 13. PLEASE, LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE! =DIt's time we dissect what's going on with NP Gain! [ E X P A N D H E R E ]Welcome back to another episode of the Dr. Note: Golden Sumo: a free event CE; is a good choice if you're planning on keeping your zerk alive til the last round to use his NP. Reply Fricking fgo the rates are low even for …. Bringing Arts NP looping consistency to an unprecedented level, her introduction heralds the dawn of a new era of. Upon being hit by a Defensive Debuff, revert to Foreigner class and change own NP Bar from max 4 to max 5 charges. A free, fast, and reliable CDN for fgo-calc. It serves as a hub to make purchases with in-game currency, claiming certain cards or items from events and buying premium currency with real money. Note that Servant levels 1 - 100 in total require 20,311,500 EXP. Probably better not to list NP Gain Up at all in that graph, especially since there's an entry for NP Gain Up in the first place. Current Quest: Current Servant:. Decrease Debuff Resist for all allies (including sub-members), except yourself by 10%. Reply [deleted] • Additional comment actions Koyan’s NP refund is treated as NP charge (battery) not natural NP gain and is unaffected by all these things. 6: Avalon le Fae (Part 2) Spoiler-free Walkthrough. Having this skill at max level helps guarantee that he will get the necessary amount of NP refund to fire his NP the following turn, and it should be leveled immediately if a Master plans to use Lancelot for looping. Altria (Lancer Alter) is a rather standard Buster Crit servant, and her strong single-turn skills enable significant burst damage output. June: Castoria (will pass if I can get her in her first rate-up) July/December: Percival and Melusine. Fergus is somewhat of a Saber-class lovechild of Lu Bu and Hector, and it shows in his kit. While Vlad is primarily an offensive Servant, he also has a wide range of utility options. how do NP levels and charges work?. Additionally, Aesc the Savior 's NP will also specifically reduce this Skill's Cooldown. Csejte Halloween Trilogy: Ultra Deluxe Highlights! Fate/Samurai Remnant Release Celebration Campaign. Seeking the elusive ALTRIUM, a mysterious alien has appeared from the sky, but her true motives remain hidden. With her Anti-male in effect, Tamamo deals strong damage even …. 5% Chance to Instant-Kill enemy with normal attack. She shares the exact HP values at both minimum and maximum with Asagami Fujino and Shuten Dōji (Caster). Add this game to my: Favorite Games. Also called pseudo-spiritron crystal. Defeat 20 Winged Insect-type enemies. You can look up what Rewards you'll earn on Event Guide. Sieg equipped with normal BG can refund 120~ NP back, and deals around 200k to 230k damage to one wave. Following his proper introduction as a main story character in the Shinjuku chapter, the great detective Sherlock Holmes joins Chaldea as an SSR Ruler. With a sufficiently high NP refund, it becomes possible to spam NPs almost endlessly. He carried out a grand deicide (homicide) plot that unfolded in the background of ancient China's Yin Dynasty insurrections, bringing collateral damage to both Xian and human realms. Melusine is one of the best AoE Arts units in the game. Moriarty's attacks will also still fill up NP bars, especially his NP. FGO is a game of niches, and every servant will shine in some way. NP Refund Calculator; Strongest NP; EXP Calculator; Support Servant Skill Combo Finder; FGO USA Tour; Enemies; Skills. Once more, he will aim to use the Grail to achieve …. If an account doesn’t measure up to the target in mind, wipe the app data/cache (or redownload the game) and start over again. The targeted NP charge does come with a demerit of decreasing NP Gauge for the target by 20% on the next turn, reducing any benefits from NP refund, although this becomes less of a problem when used on the last wave or if the target uses a Buster NP that does not come with a refund. New Year's Campaign 2022 Banner Period (NA): 12/31/2021 20:00 - 1/10/2022 19:59 PST Banner Period (JP): 1/1/2020 0:00 - 1/10/2020 12:59 JST. The effect that occurs every 3 turns changes to 2,000 damage and an AoE 10% ATK debuff. The general flow of this event is as follows:. He offers nothing compared to other Casters such as Medea, Hans, Shakespeare and damage-wise most …. With two outcomes, the probability can be calculated with a binomial calculator. These buffs start stacking up particularly well after Shuten’s Rank Up Quests, as her NP Damage will start rivaling that of the strongest AoE Servants. Altria has one of the best NP spam potentials in the game due to her buffs and NP charge refund, allowing her to perform back-to-back NPs more reliably than virtually any other Servant. ago I just want to know if my waifu Hokusai can actually np loop like Dantes now. 15 Kama (Avenger) 16 Ozymandias. Fate/Grand Order 2021 ~4th Anniversary~. Astolfo can be summoned from the tutorial summon after 25M Downloads Campaign. Fate/Grand Order USA server - Cosmos in the LostbeltShinjuku, Anastasia, Salem Free QuestSieg Art Farming SystemI tried this on assassin and berserker becaus. Sign-up for other newsletters here. Code Issues Pull requests Fate/Grand Order Login Bot (biligame, Android). Be warned, while there's no reason why I shouldn't work. Dioscuri's Break gives them the ability to gain 1 NP Gauge when Quick attacking, along with Crit Rate buffs when Arts attacking. Habetrot is able to loop almost all nodes, but has issues with damage, so a NP Damage Up CE is often her best bet. She is first and only Servant to have Bride Alignment. io: FGO 3T Damage ">GitHub. I think this makes sumo better for farming, though it is less optimal than kscope. However, you need to unlock it with rare prisms and then you can proceed to buy them with MP as usual. Increase Nero Medal (Gold) drops by 1. Status; Analysis; Profile; Overview. Class Skills; Servant Skills; …. The Ignore Invincibility effect built into his NP, the high debuff resistance from Protection of the Faith, and the star generation and one-turn Taunt from Innocent Monster give him the capability to adapt to various situations and needs. FGO NP Damage Calculator FGO Noble Phantasm Damage Calculator v1. Her NP alone can clear a wave of enemies after level 30, if you can keep her alive. Increase NP Overcharge Level by 1 for all [Child] trait enemies [Unremovable] [Demerit]. Battle Start "Bequeath the golden pride to that soul": Kirschtaria will use this skill to give Caenis an additional Green break bar at battle …. Rabbit’s Reviews #372: Wandjina (5* Foreigner) MMM - Dame from Down Under Drops Down Doing all she can Diggery-Do, Defeating Dingos Defiantly (Wandjina) The Return of Halloween …. Hey Waifu/Husbando Lovers & Ga. She also has Territory Creation to boost this further, meaning Reines can quickly refill her NP gauge, especially with Criticals involved. Charm and Terror) as well as his NP’s. A warrior whose spearmanship is said to reach the realm of gods and buddhas, Houzouin Inshun’s unique playstyle revolves around buffing his basic attack damage to extraordinary levels. So NP level determines the damage. Musashi is a powerful damage dealer with a single target Buster NP, a deck of three Buster cards, a self Buster buff, 1-turn invincibility and ignore invincibility, self debuff cleanse and the ability to …. How does Black Grail actually calculate the NP damage? Fate / Grand Order iOS (iPhone/iPad) Android PlayStation 4. Chaldea Boys Collection 2018 Craft Essences. The second time I put all the information that I could rememeber of my servants like lvl, skill level, NP lvl and the number of copies that I had of a specific servant that I had no fused at that moment. Shuten’s NP benefits from a plethora of damage buffs, with a combination of up to 20% Attack up, 20% Defense down, and 30% self NP Damage up. Hello Masters, \nthis is my first public project and the first time I use GitHub so forgive me if I have made any mistakes.